Environmental Services​


Environmental Services

Having AGW’s experienced and qualified professionals manage your asbestos investigation or management project can reduce your liability and minimize project concerns, now and in the future.

To control costs and select the most efficient remediation approach, AGW evaluates many innovative and traditional remediation techniques. AGW’s experience in negotiating with various regulatory agencies can help accelerate approval of your remediation plan and project closure.

AGW’s qualified professionals have the experience to help you evaluate and address all of your industrial hygiene issues, including Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring, Regulatory Compliance, Chemical Exposure and Contamination Assessments, Noise Evaluations and more

Many building departments now require a third-party evaluation for fire-resistant coating applications. A. G. Wassenaar provides homebuilders a professional, third-party inspection and verification of the intumescent paint application.

AGW offers a wide variety of environmental, regulatory, compliance, and industrial hygiene services to oil and gas industry clients, including Baseline Groundwater Sampling, Due Diligence for Acquisitions or Divestiture, Groundwater Monitoring, Noise Monitoring, Pit Closures, Site Assessments/Characterization/Remediation, SPCC, Spill Response, Stormwater Compliance, Waste Disposal/Management.

AGW has been providing Phase I Environmental Assessments for over thirty years to a wide range of clients. AGW also provides cost-effective Phase II investigation services when the results of a Phase I indicate potential subsurface environmental concerns. If requested, asbestos, radon, and/or lead paint surveys can be conducted in conjunction with your Phase I project.

If contamination is suspected beneath your property, or if you need to identify the degree and extent of known contamination, AGW offers thorough, cost-effective subsurface investigation services.

AGW can provide short-term and long-term radon measurement; design active and passive mitigation systems; inspect each phase of installation and system performance; install equipment to activate passive systems; conduct diagnostics, testing, and evaluation of existing systems to optimize performance and effectiveness, and modify existing systems for improved performance.

AGW has extensive experience helping clients comply with permitting requirements of the EPA, CDPHE, and municipalities (MS4s). We provide both construction and industrial stormwater compliance services. 

AGW provides technically sound, reliable, and practical solutions to our clients’ water damage and mold issues through expert investigation, project design, remediation oversight, testing, and related services at reasonable costs. Additionally, we have the expertise to provide litigation support for cases involving microbial issues and mold impact.

AGW’s industrial hygiene staff evaluates illicit drug laboratories and distressed properties. We can assess drug lab chemicals and residues, and profile them for safe disposal. Sampling can be completed for apartments, hotels, homes, and vehicles to evaluate the presence of any drugs.

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