Residential Construction Observations

AGW provides construction observations of the various construction phases during residential construction. These observations are performed to provide a greater degree of confidence to the client that the initial design is appropriate for the actual subsurface conditions, and that the portions of construction we observe at the time of our visit(s) are in general conformance with our recommendations and project structural plans. Many observations that we perform are required by the city or county building department, while others are required by a home warranty provider. We have also tailored many of our observation services to meet specific client needs in order to provide a better product for their buyer.

Whatever the service, AGW provides experienced technicians to perform these observations along the front range. Given our staff size and our coverage area, observations can be performed to meet our clients’ needs in a timely manner, as scheduled by the client. All observation work is performed under the supervision of a Registered Professional Engineer.

The following provides a general list of our observation services. More specific descriptions of these services are available upon request, and may vary from client to client.

  • Excavation Observations
  • Footing Observations
  • Pier Observations
  • Foundation Wall Steel Reinforcing Observation
  • Void Observations
  • Drain Observations
  • Damp-Proof Observations
  • Post-Tension Observations
  • Crawl Space Observations
  • Vapor Retarder Observation
  • Slab-on-Grade Observations
  • ..and others 

AGW can provide signed and stamped letters, and is approved by all home warranty companies to sign their forms as well as specific county or city forms