Municipal Infrastructure Projects

Municipal and infrastructure projects are a unique type of construction that can require a flexible testing laboratory. Typically, these types of projects are funded by tax dollars and budget is a critical matter. If the budget is tight, we can discuss where to best spend the monies allocated. AGW currently has numerous municipal clients. We understand the unique aspects of reconstructing a road in a residential, commercial or industrial area. We can present options that expedite the process. Whether it is an interstate electric transmission line or a sanitary sewer replacement project, the personnel here at AGW dedicate ourselves to being an asset to the project. 

  • Annual Capital Improvement Projects
  • On-Call Maintenance or Repair Projects
  • Water and Sewer Replacement Projects
  • Specific Site or Building Projects (Recreation Centers, Municipal Building/Facilities, etc.)
  • Transmission Lines
  • Intergovernmental Projects (Shared Costs)

AGW has also provided educational seminars to municipal clients that provide direct answers in a more relaxed environment. This experience provides us a unique look at the true needs of a specific municipality.