Pavement Design

The design of pavements is an ever changing field and one in which AGW is experienced.

AGW has designed thousands of miles of pavement. From interstate highways to bike paths, arterial roadways to aggregate surfaced rural roads and parking lots of all sizes and configurations, the expertise of methodology selection is critical to the proper design. AASHTO, MGPEC, CDOT, DARWin, as well as local jurisdiction procedures, are known and utilized. New construction, overlay design, and reconstruction each require an understanding of all methodologies to present appropriate options.

Exploration procedures are partially determined by jurisdiction requirements as well as current practice. Methodology requirements can be modified to meet the special needs of the project.

Generally, exploration consists of drilling borings 5 to 10 feet in depth below final subgrade elevation and acquiring subgrade soil samples. Our field technicians log the soils encountered during the drilling process to assist in the accurate presentation of subsurface conditions as they relate to pavement design and performance.

Laboratory testing for pavement design includes:

  • Gradiation Analysis and Atterberg Limits
  • Concrete and Asphalt Mix Designs
  • Swell / Consolidation Tests
  • Stabilized Subgrade Mix Designs
  • R-Value
  • Cement Treated Base Course Mix Designs
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength
  • Existing Pavement Evaluations
  • California Bearing Ratio
  • Full range of pavement materials testing
  • Resilient Modulus (converted) during construction 

Methodology, exploration and laboratory testing are analyzed and an appropriate design is presented with alternatives (as permitted) to allow an economical choice in pavement selection.

The design considerations include:

  • Traffic
  • Design Life
  • Expansive or Settlement Prone Soils
  • Pavement Material Alternatives
  • Ground Water and Drainage
  • Construction Requirements
  • Existing Pavement Conditions
  • Maintenance 

A pavement structure is no different than any other structure. Proper design, construction materials and maintenance are all necessary in order to achieve a long lasting pavement. AGW has the knowledge to assist our clients in building durable pavements in an effective manner.