No-Burn® Fireproofing Evaluation

Model residential building codes require thermal or ignition barriers primarily in attics and on floor systems and trusses. The IBC (International Building Code) and the IRC (International Residential Code) have defined a 15-minute thermal barrier as ½ inch gypsum wallboard, 23/32-inch wood structural panel, or a material that is tested and meets the acceptance criteria for the temperature transmission fire test and integrity fire test of NFPA 275.

Intumescent coatings such as No-Burn®, Inc.’s intumescent coatings are applied to protect the substrate (floor, trusses, etc.) in the event of a fire.

Many building departments now require a third-party evaluation for fire-resistant coating applications. A. G. Wassenaar provides homebuilders a professional, third-party inspection and verification of the intumescent paint application.