Site Development

Site development studies are performed on properties to provide recommendations for site grading and infrastructure construction. Test borings are typically drilled across the site 300 to 500 feet apart depending upon the type of development, the geographic area of the site, suspected geological and geotechnical conditions, the requirements of the individual client, jurisdiction, etc. Laboratory testing is performed on a broad range of samples to determine swell/consolidation characteristics, the composition and plasticity of the soil and bedrock, and the corrosivity potential of the soil and bedrock related to building and infrastructure materials. The report addresses issues to be considered or performed before and during development including: 

  • Analyzing and Designing for Expansive Soil or Bedrock
  • Analyzing and Designing for Existing or Future Ground Water Concerns
  • Preparation of the Site for Development
  • Construction of Fill Embankments and Cuts
  • Fill Placement Requirements
  • Construction of Site Utilities
  • Determining Preliminary Foundation and Pavement Design Alternatives 

The final report can also provide preliminary foundation, slab-on-grade and preliminary pavement alternatives for planning and budgeting purposes.