Specialized Studies

AGW can provide specialized studies that are used as a part of an overall investigation to help assess and evaluate geotechnical conditions in greater detail, and help obtain solutions to a specific issue.

AGW can provide the following services/studies:

  • Evaluation and Mitigation of Heave/Consolidation Prone Soils
  • Predict Heave of Expansive Soils
  • Estimate Potential Settlement (Consolidation)
  • Provide Foundation and Floor Support Recommendations
  • Evaluation and Mitigation of Ground Water Problems
  • Ground Water Monitoring Services
  • Subsurface and Surface Drainage Recommendations
  • Ground Water Flow/Source Determination
  • Dewatering Techniques
  • Evaluation and Mitigation of Unstable Ground/Slopes
  • Soft Soil Stabilization Techniques
  • Slope Stability Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Dam Investigation and Design
  • Embankment Analysis
  • Borrow Evaluation
  • Foundation Design
  • Expert Witness Consultation
  • Residential Litigation
  • Arbitration