Phase II Subsurface Investigations

If contamination is suspected beneath your property, or if you need to identify the degree and extent of known contamination, AGW offers thorough, cost-effective subsurface investigation services. By using both traditional drilling methods and alternative sampling techniques, AGW collects soil, ground water, and vapor samples for field or laboratory analysis.

AGW conducts subsurface investigations to confirm the presence or absence of contaminants in areas of interest. This type of limited investigation is often needed when a Phase I Site Environmental Site Assessment indicates the potential for soil or ground water contamination to exist at a property.

If you need a more comprehensive investigation to determine the extent and degree of contaminated soil and ground water, AGW provides thorough investigations (also called Remedial Investigations, Site Characterizations, or Site Assessments). Since these activities generally involve interaction with regulatory agencies and following required protocols, it is good to know that AGW has been providing investigation services for over 20 years.

Services provided during subsurface investigations may include:

  • Identifying buried utilities and notifying utility companies.
  • Acquiring access agreements or permits.
  • Auger drilling with truck mounted or portable equipment to sample soil, ground water, or vapor.
  • Soil probe boring/sampling inside or outside buildings.
  • Health and safety plans.
  • Geophysical studies.
  • Site specific risk assessment.
  • Ground water (or vapor) monitoring well installation and sampling.
  • Laboratory analysis of soil, water, or vapor samples.
  • Ground water modeling.
  • Regulatory agency negotiations.
  • Participation in various state reimbursement programs
  • (for eligible sites).
  • Remediation feasibility studies.
  • Microbiological testing and evaluation.
  • Underground storage tank (UST) management services.

Based on the investigation field and laboratory results, AGW’s team of professional engineers, geologists, and scientists will provide you with practical solutions and recommendations. If needed, AGW also offers “common sense” remediation evaluation, planning, implementation, and closure services.