Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Property owners can be held responsible for cleanup of environmental contamination originating prior to, or during ownership of a property, under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). However, a properly completed Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) demonstrates a due diligence effort for future defense against CERCLA claims. AGW can provide a full complement of ESA services to ensure properties have been adequately evaluated.

AGW’s assessment is designed to be in general accordance with Phase I Environmental Site Assessments as established by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), Standard Practice Designation E 1527-05.  The assessment consists of site reconnaissance to identify potential environmental problems; interviews with individuals having knowledge of the subject site; a review of publicly available records pertaining to environmental resources at the subject site; and a report documenting AGW’s findings, opinion and conclusions.  In accordance with ASTM standards, Phase I studies generally include:

  • Historic research regarding the site and vicinity
  • Interviews with public officials and others familiar with the subject area
  • A review of recent and historical aerial photographs
  • Regulatory agency database searches to identify buried tanks and sites with documented contamination
  • A site reconnaissance to identify visible sources and indications of contamination on or adjacent to the site

Based on the results of the Phase I assessment, AGW provides a thorough report and professional opinion regarding the environmental concerns which exist at the property.

AGW has been providing Phase I Environmental Assessments for over twenty years to a wide range of clients, including: homeowners, property management companies, large corporations, developers, real estate professionals, insurance companies, lenders, and municipalities. Examples of AGW’s recent Phase I Assessments include: commercial lots, industrial sites, former mining sites, and parcels covering several square miles.  AGW also provides cost-effective Phase II investigation services when the results of a Phase I indicate potential subsurface environmental concerns. If requested, asbestos, radon, and/or lead paint surveys can be conducted in conjunction with your Phase I project.