Abandoned Well Locating Services

Residential development is increasingly occurring in areas that are, or once were, used for oil and gas production. Many planned residential developments include operating or abandoned oil and gas wells, which must be considered during the planning phase. 

There are several issues to be considered when dealing with abandoned wells, including:

  • Is the location of the abandoned well known? Although the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) maintains records of well locations, it is the experience of AGW that these coordinates can be incorrect by up to 200 feet from the actual well location. AGW helps our clients with identifying the exact location and approximate depths of abandoned wells
  • Have soil and/or groundwater at the locations of the well and associated production equipment been impacted by hydrocarbon releases? AGW can conduct a limited subsurface investigation near the wellhead and in the vicinity of associated production equipment to determine the presence or absence of significant contamination as a result of the former oil and gas production at the site, and can provide remediation options if impact is identified.
  • Are there safety concerns associated with the abandoned oil and gas well? AGW can partner with experts in the field of well plugging and abandonment to review available documentation about the well on your property and offer general guidance about any safety concerns that may be associated with it. This information will be helpful when dealing with homeowners, planning commissions, etc.