Environmental Remediation

Site cleanup can be confusing and needlessly expensive if you don’t have the right consultant to help you select the best remediation method and comply with the complex regulatory requirements. AGW has been helping clients resolve their contaminated soil and ground water problems for over 20 years.

Our primary goal is to gain regulatory closure of your site quickly, and at a reasonable cost.

AGW’s engineers, geologists, industrial hygienists, and scientists have expertise in evaluating, designing, and successfully implementing a wide variety of remediation methods, for many types of contaminants. Recent projects include cleanup of: petroleum products and crude oil, many types of volatile organic compounds (including dry cleaning solvents), metals contamination, biological contaminants, pesticides, herbicides, spilled pharmaceuticals, and buried asbestos.

To control costs and select the most efficient remediation approach, AGW evaluates many innovative and traditional remediation techniques. Primary considerations include client specific needs, long term expenses, effectiveness, regulatory acceptance, time to completion, liabilities, and public acceptance. If needed, AGW can conduct bench tests, pilot tests, and other research to help select the optimum remediation method for your site. AGW’s experience in negotiating with various regulatory agencies can help accelerate approval of your remediation plan and project closure.