Safety Committee

Safety Committee Mission Statements

 “Our mission as a safety committee is to address the hazards involved in our various fields of work and promote an accident free environment for all of our employees.  The committee is comprised of individuals who represent the different departments of our company and will be leaders in addressing the concerns and wellbeing of everyone employed at AGW to create awareness and a safe work place.”

 “The AGW Safety committee serves to provide a safe and healthy environment for all employees.  This committee will strive to promote continual education and communication of safety awareness. We will enforce policies relating to safety issues while striving for the elimination of all accidents.”

 “The AGW Safety committee pro-actively makes the working environment safer for all AGW employees by implementing work practices to reduce injury rates, reviewing safety equipment, and revising the AGW Safety Manual.  The safety committee will review accident reports and make suggestions on how to avoid future accidents of a similar nature.”

 “Our overall mission as a Safety Committee is to promote a healthy and safe working environment for all AGW employees.  We will strive to do this by being a qualified resource and providing assistance wherever possible for implementation.”

Safety Committee Descriptions

The AGW Safety Committee is made up of volunteer employees from each department who have an interest in promoting a safe working environment. The committee will meet on a regular basis to discuss goals and progress.  Subcommittees may be formed to accomplish certain tasks and work may be done outside of the Safety Committee meetings.

The Safety Committee is dedicated to gathering and providing information to make the employees of AGW aware of the hazards involved in each aspect of the services we are providing our clients.

What is the Safety Committee? 

  • An employee based committee made up of a representative from each department.

What do we do?

  • Assist in promoting and implementing health and safety awareness within the company.
  • Assist in revising and helping in implementing safety policies.

How do we do this?

  • By holding monthly or bimonthly meetings in which we organize and prioritize areas that need immediate attention, i.e. recent accidents in a certain department will need attention over revising the policy book per that time of the month.
  • Using information to increase the awareness level of safety in both employees and the supervisors via: training meetings, posters, newsletters, etc.

The committee serves as a link between employees and management and provides an established mechanism to prevent, identify, and correct hazards and address employee actions that can contribute to injuries.  The committee also serves as the in-house “safety expert”, ensuring that employees have a voice in identifying and correcting hazards (managing their own health and safety).

The Safety Committee works best with your input.  Please reach out to any one of the following with concerns, comment, criticisms or complaints.

List of AGW Safety Committee Members as of 08/01/16

  • Marcos Aguilar, Laboratories: 303-217-5118
  • Tammy Anderson, Residential Field: 303-944-6091             
  • Kenny Brosgehini, Residential Engineer: 303-472-2655
  • Brian Glade, Vice President/Environmental Manager: 303-981-3901
  • Bob Heaton, Field Safety Supervisor: 303-356-1741
  • Greg Katz, Drilling Manager: 303-435-4237
  • Pedro Manriquez, Field Engineer: 303-472-0205
  • Cathy Smith, HR Director/Safety Administrator: 303-257-8411
  • Phil Taylor, Fleet Manager: 303-210-2297

Safety Mottos

“Safe employees are healthy employees.”

“Make time for safety.”

“Remember the ABC’s of Safety: Always Be Careful in the field and Conscious of the hazards around you.”

“We must help each other to Stay Aware for a safe work environment.”

“Loss should only refer to weight.”